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Hair Removal

Decléor Facials

We use Waxperts hot wax for all intimate waxing. Low melting point and working temperature of the Waxperts® Hot Wax of 62°C allows for easy removal with no cracking or breaking to ensure client comfort. Less heat, less redness and therefore less risk. Used with Waxperts® Pre Wax Oil means the wax is only attaching to the hairs and not the skin so prevents lifting of the skin. Hot wax is perfect for sensitive skin and should always be used for facial, underarm and intimate waxing.


Hot wax is used in the treatments marked with '*'.  The other treatments use strip wax.

If you would prefer hot wax* for other areas listed as strip, please advise our therapists. 

We do also offer threading but not currently in our salons during the pandemic.

Eyebrows  £10 

Bikini Line * £18

Full Face (inc lip, chin, cheeks and brows) *  £22

Cheek Wax £8

Half Leg and Bikini Line * £35

Nostrils * £10

Upper Lip  £8

Chin  £10

Lip & Chin  £12

G String * £23

Brazilian * £29

Hollywood * £32

Underarm * £12

Full Leg Wax  £27.50

Half Leg Wax  £22.50

Full arm wax  £16

Forearm wax  £13

Chest Wax  £20

Back Wax  £20

Back & Chest Wax  £35

Ear Wax  £9

Available At Both Locations